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Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams

This month’s A-Z guide focuses on all things that nourish your body and soul. Think day spas and hair salons to activewear and functional workouts – these are the places that will fuel your fire and give you a new lease on life. When it comes to looking and feeling your best, we point you in the right direction.

A – New Age Salon

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 1 

Nowadays, booking a hair appointment is so much more than ‘just a cut’. You look forward to the entire experience, from the catch up with your stylist to the oh-so-relaxing head massage, there’s just something about freshening up your locks that gives you an extra bounce in your step. The expert stylists at Black Avenue Hairdressing understand that your appointment is a time to take a breath and rejuvenate, so-much-so that Creative Director MJ refuses to offer anything less than a completely specialised and indulgent service.

“Being a boutique salon, our main focus was to create an environment where our clients feel comfortable and at home. Having developed a one-on-one approach with our clients, we like to look after their whole experience from their initial consultation through to the amazing scalp massage and treatment,” MJ says. “Each stylist at BLKAVE also has their unique style (which we love and embrace) and through our consultations, we can pair our clients up with the perfect match.”

Speaking of the perfect match, any blonde will know the importance of finding a stylist that truly cares for you and the health of your hair and this is where BLKAVE really shines. Like learning any skill, the art of perfecting a creamy, lived-in blonde isn’t a short-term process as MJ explains.

“Creating the right blonde is certainly something that we’ve built over time. In-salon training and outside education over the years has brought the skill level of our stylists up to where they are today. We are always learning in order to keep up with trends.”

With a big tick for a personalised and highly-skilled service, BLKAVE takes your salon experience to yet another level of amazing-ness (there is no other word to describe them) by stocking their shelves with only the best, most-nourishing and environmentally friendly products.

“We chose to work alongside Kevin Murphy range (an Australian brand) as we know their ammonia-free colour enhances our work and doesn’t limit our creativity,” MJ says. “We also cater to all of the animal lovers (like us) because every product we have in the salon is vegan and cruelty-free!”.

B – The Brow and Skin Studio

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 2 

Anyone who has ever experienced pigmentation knows how difficult it can be to treat. The colour seen on the surface of the skin is only part of the story, it is what lies beneath that can determine how to treat it in future.

The Brow and Skin Studio are experts when it comes to skin pigmentation and use the skin technology treatment, Cosmelan, which addresses not only the pigmentation, but the underlying cause, decreasing and regulating the overproduction of melanin.

With many band aid remedies around, some products only bleach pigmentation instead of treating it, in much the same way as using bleach to remove mould, which only addresses the surface.

There are many triggers that set pigmentation off. These can include sun exposure, ageing, inflammation, medication, genetics, hormonal changes and chemicals (think perfume on the skin). Cosmelan, originating in Spain, is the world’s leading professional skin depigmentation method and at The Brow and Skin Studio, Cosmelan is the go-to choice for clients who have exhausted all other avenues for tackling this condition. It is a one-off treatment that surpasses all expectations. Simply put, it acts by inhibiting tyrosinase activation, a trigger for pigmentation, blocking and reducing the amount of melanin formed, reducing the intensity of dark spots, stimulating epidermal renewal and intensively combating the build-up of melanin.

When it comes to a clear complexion, The Brow and Skin Studio also love Omnilux – a light therapy considered to be the gold standard with over 40 proven clinical studies. With one treatment you are literally switching on your cells with the energy source ATP, something we already have in our cells and starts to deplete as we get older. Having this introduced can benefit the skin and strengthen cells with plumper, clearer skin. It penetrates deep into the dermis, stimulating fibroblast activity which produces collagen keeping the skin young and healthy.

The Brow and Skin Studio use this in conjunction with all other treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion, collagen induction and Cosmelan as it increases the effectiveness and takes skin to a new level. Your skin will love you for it!

C – Cosmetic Image Studio

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 3 

Owned by leading cosmetic doctor, Dr Ingrid Tall, who wants you to look, feel and be your best.

Say goodbye to unrefreshed, ageing skin and say hello to the world-leading Rolls Royce of fillers. Starting at $999, Cosmetic Image Clinics offers a natural lift with 2ml long lasting Dermal Filler Injections. Their team of in-house experienced injectors provide no downtime and minimal discomfort from their highly skilled team who will provide expert advice on how to achieve your desired look.

For those interested in a walk-in walk-out procedure to reduce stubborn and diet-resistant areas of fat, Cosmetic Image Clinics offers CoolSculpting. The procedure is the only clinically proven non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses controlled freezing to eliminate fat from the body. With 20% off CoolSculpting until the end of July, it’s the perfect time to look your best treating ‘mummy tummies’, ‘muffin tops’ and mind the ‘thigh gap’.

Taking care of how you look will always nourish the soul, but how about ‘drip feeding’ your body with revitalising vitamins? Cosmetic Image Clinics offers a range of IV Vitamin Infusions which can consist of one or more vitamins and minerals to help keep the body performing at its best. Starting from an affordable $99, you’ll also be offered complimentary LED Light Therapy valued at $75, a non-invasive treatment which can help reduce the appearance of the visible signs of skin ageing and aid in the treatment of acne.

With these offers, and many more in-house treatments, take a visit to Cosmetic Image Clinics, conveniently located in the Brisbane CBD and 
West End.

D – DFO Brisbane

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 4

Adidas Baseball cap $252, Puma Ace tank top $203, Champion Allover print tights $59.95, Puma 4 Keeps sports bra $30, Adidas Originals 3D backpack $130, Champion Powertrain puffer vest $109.95

Like it or not, activewear is fast becoming everyday wear for women of all ages. It is now totally acceptable to be addicted to athleisurewear all day! And why not? As the contemporary street style of workout wear is becoming more accepted as the norm, finding the right place to get all your motivational pieces is as easy as a hop, skip and a jump to DFO Brisbane.

Looking for leggings? Need new sneakers? Want a stylish but comfortable layer for your winter workout? You’ll find these plus a whole range more at DFO. From Puma to Adidas, Champion to New Balance and Nike to Lorna Jane, get the big brands you know and love but without the price tag.

E – Epic Hair Designs

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 5 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was just another jewel in the EHD crown.

If you’re a Brissy babe then you’ll know of Epic Hair Designs – there’s a reason they’ve been crowned the city’s most trusted hair salon. The Epic stylists are more like a family than work colleagues and that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you walk into their beautiful salons; like catching up with the fam that just so happened to be experts in creamy colour-melts and textured “I woke up like this” trusses.

Epic Hair Designs was invited (yet again) to Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in partnership with Goldwell earlier this year. Having styled some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry, you can be sure you’re in fabulous hands when you book with Epic.

Growth is another important objective for EHD that sits at the heart of the 15 salons across the city – and we’re not just talking about nourishing your luscious locks as founder, Brendon Mann explains.

“We’ve become more involved in the Brisbane community with organisations such as Share the Dignity and Orange Sky,” Brendon says. “We also have partnerships with Brisbane Racing Club and are more involved in the Brisbane and Australian fashion industry.”

With more fantastic events coming, Epic Hair Designs is one salon to watch.

F – Fitstop

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 6 

When it comes to fitness, there’s solid truth to ‘strength in numbers’; finding that motivation to wake up early and tag along to boot-camp with your bestie or nailing that last round of lunges when you see others powering through. What exactly is it about exercising in a group that motivates us?

Working out with others has a big significance when it comes to Fitstop. From high intensity calorie burn to a mix of slow and controlled developed strength, this fitness community has created lifestyle classes that extend past group training and into a community rich in camaraderie. And it’s no surprise, with over 250 members per location, Fitstop is a hive of interactive activity for those wanting more out of their workout routine.

So, what’s their formula for healthier, happier humans? Fit, fast and functional. You won’t find a gym here with the same machines and the same routine day in day out, instead you’ll discover a progressive training space packed with variety and a mountain of motivation. Come and see for yourself at one of Fitstop’s Social Saturday classes held free for anyone wanting to try out the Fitstop formula and get a satisfying dose of endorphins. At $49 per week, it’s a comparable value base far greater than just getting fit but getting social too. To enquire jump on their website, find your nearest location and pop in your details.

G – Body Goals

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 7 

If you’re looking to drop a dress size, lose those last few lingering kilos or smooth out your cellulite, you don’t need to spend hours slogging it out in the gym. Got 30-minutes (just to put that in perspective, that’s a lunch break or one episode of Younger), get yourself to HYPOXI.

HYPOXI is a low impact exercise method that uses patented technology to burn targeted fat from those notoriously troubled areas including the tummy, hips, thighs and butt. That’s right girls, step away from the slimming teas, put down the waist trainers and boycott the butt boosters – some women have gone down a dress size in just four weeks.

A great aspect about HYPOXI is that if you don’t like high impact exercise but still want results, it’s perfect for you. The workout method uses vacuum compression technology to supercharge your body’s fat burning ability, helping you to accelerate results, so you can workout smarter, not harder.
Getting in and out within 30 minutes without even breaking a sweat means it’s perfect for busy gals on the go too. You can catch up on emails, double tap your way through the socials or even chat to a friend, all the while burning stubborn fat.

H – Luppinos Hair Salon

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 8 

There are only two words to describe Luppinos Hair Salon – complete luxury. From the moment you step onto the polished concrete floors and into the salon, there’s an aura of warm sophistication and it only gets better from there.

After you’ve taken a seat in one of the opulent leather chairs and had a one-on-one consultation with a master stylist, you’ll be treated to your choice of cocktail, imported wine, organic coffee and delicious petit fours, along with an oh-so-indulgent head, neck and shoulders massage. All of which is complimentary during your appointment, creating an unforgettably luxurious experience.

After a long day at work, you’ll find it hard to justify to your colleagues that you’re off to a ‘hair appointment’ because that description really doesn’t do this boutique salon justice. It’ll seem more like checking into a five-star hotel for an hour or two, rather than stepping into a salon. Speaking of after-work appointments, Luppinos has its doors open four nights a week until 8pm, so you don’t have to take the time out of your weekend. Though we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to drop in on the weekend anyway – it’s just that relaxing!

The cherry on top of what is already a lavish experience, Luppinos Hair uses the finest range of no-damage colour products to ensure that every strand is nourished and have you saying hello to dynamic and flattering locks.

I – Indulge at One Wybelenna

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 9 

Allow yourself to completely unwind in the blissful surrounds at One Wybelenna where health and wellbeing combine to create a total relaxation experience. Less than 30 minutes outside of Brisbane amongst two acres of lush gardens at the entrance to Brookfield, this modern spa is the ideal spot for those looking for a moment to push pause.

Calm your mind and soothe your soul at this luxurious and breezy setting. Paying homage to a 1970s California aesthetic, the property exudes an effortlessly modern feel, whilst elements of timber and bluestone offer a quintessentially Queensland look. You may only be just down the road, but you’ll feel a world away at this ultimate urban retreat. Feel free to immerse yourself in the serene surrounds all while enjoying the range of pampering treatments available at One Wybelenna. The detailed full and half day packages offer signature treatments that provide a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing.
Scanning through the spa menu you’ll be enticed by the diverse range of treatments available. Starting with a dip in the beautiful outdoor magnesium spa and pool, let your stress go, melt away muscle aches and detox the body. Restore dry and dehydrated skin with one of the signature facial treatments from Australian luxury skincare brand Sodashi, or beautiful Spanish skincare brand, Germaine de Capuccini. Also on offer are a range of body therapies, express services, men’s therapies, and a variety of grooming treatments. Once your treatment is completed, finish your indulgence by resting in the thoughtful guest relaxation areas.

One Wybelenna is a beautiful, peaceful place to unwind.

J – Just Paint

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 10 

If one of your goals for 2019 was to practise mindfulness and another was to learn a skill, then Bristle by Melissa Simmonds could be for you. As Melissa explains, these down-to-earth workshops are more than a generic ‘paint by numbers’ style event, she will personally tailor to your needs and ability levels.
“Bristle actually teaches people how to paint, you are going to learn techniques and take skills away – and have a good time too,” Melissa says.

As if you needed another excuse to get the girls together (or perhaps a local fundraising event) for an evening of channeling your inner Picasso with a glass of Pinot Noir in hand, there’s been studies to show that it actually helps to relieve stress amongst other wellness benefits.

The best part? There’s no right or wrong when it comes to creating art. It’s totally up to interpretation and your imagination, which is what Melissa aims to achieve in creating a space that fosters creativity, with a helping hand.

“It’s a harmonious space and environment for people to learn in and be creative, there’s no pressure. I want people to come and feel great, they’re there to enjoy it,” Melissa says.

There’s a variety of classes available and you can find out more information by contacting Melissa via @bristle_melissasimmonds.

K – Killer Brows

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 11 

Imagine waking up every day with brows that slay! One visit to Bespoke Brows and your face-framers will be the envy of others, because who doesn’t want precisely shaped, impeccably proportioned and perfectly filled brows?

As the name suggests, Bespoke Brows is all about creating beautiful brows that are customised for you. Owner and artist, Jem, knows that no two clients and no two brows are the same and she personally understands how life-changing great brows can be! From saving you time getting ready in the morning, to pulling together a make-up look, or giving you the confidence to step out makeup-free, the power of eyebrows is not to be underestimated.

As your Brisbane brow specialist, Jem’s semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are highly sought-after thanks to her keen eye for brow design that perfectly complements the individual from soft and natural to bold and defined, or somewhere in between.

She has and continues to undertake advanced training in the very latest cosmetic tattooing techniques and technology to give her clients nothing but the best. Oh, and guess what? We also hear that she’s adding the most natural, flushed-looking lip blush tattoos to her menu very soon!

Fancy something that requires a little less commitment? You’ve got to try Jem’s popular Signature Henna Brow Sculpt for the fullest, fluffiest and softest-looking brows you’ve ever experienced. So if you want to wake up with brows that slay, come and see Jem because she slays brows!

L – La Spa Parisien

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 12 

Nestled in the northern suburbs, La Spa Parisien offers a touch of French opulence to the ladies of Brisbane. When you step into this boutique beauty destination, you’ll be impressed by the peaceful space characterised by Parisian glamour and classic interiors.

Using French beauty techniques that have been renowned for decades, their French Facelift Facial incorporates a Les Sorbet frozen serum that tightens the skin’s surface and uses peptides to relax the facial muscles. This treatment also uses the Buccal massage technique (known for being a favourite of The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle!), that deeply relaxes the cheek muscles to improve circulation and plumpness. Maintaining luxury at every turn, this spa prides itself on high-quality products as much as service. Prominent French brands such as Chanel, Votre Vu and Payot are stocked at the spa, ensuring lavishness in every treatment.

La Spa Parisien has also recently introduced its Rose Quartz Holistic Facial. Every tool used in the treatment is hand-carved from the beautiful semi-precious stone, including the woven face sheet mask and chest plate. Combined with rose quartz infused skin products, this facial eliminates toxins to improve tone, texture and clarity of your complexion.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick eyebrow sculpt or indulging in a few hours with a facial or massage, the staff at La Spa Parisien are dedicated to offering a higher level of relaxation while helping you achieve your inner and outer beauty.

M – Mr Snippets

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 13 

Each hairdresser has their own style and talents that they bring to the table, but Mr Snippets, headed by owner Geordie Stavrou, doesn’t just bring flair, they bring the confidence to take on your wildest hair-raising requests.

There’s a serious buzz happening at this salon and barber shop right now and it’s no surprise with the offerings and experimental ideas oozing out of its doors. Want the perfect pink shades? Fancy one side slightly shaved? This is the professional team to take you there. From full manes to tiny tendrils, the staff at Mr Snippets know their stuff and how to listen to their clients’ needs.

Stocking professional products such as Milkshake for ladies, and Depot and Uppercut for the men’s selection, they also make their own cold processed soaps (all natural and vegan, made from oils which is nicer for your skin by the way), body scrubs and terrariums. If a relaxed salon with complimentary coffee, beer on tap or even an espresso martini with a hair service is your vibe, book in to experience what Mr Snippets has to offer and scroll through @mr.snippets_concepts.salons for your next do.

N – Nourish at SkinSpirit Day Spa

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 14 

This luxe spa is your ultimate escape from the everyday. Focused on great skin results plus wellness and connection of mind body, SkinSpirit stand by their name – a day spa for the skin as well as spirit.

Providing top quality day spa treatments and stocking the best skin care products and mineral makeup that are free from parabens and nasty chemicals, prepare to be completely nourished at this award-winning boutique spa with beautiful surroundings and warming atmosphere.

Every SkinSpirit treatment is tailored to your unique skin and body requirements, so the focus is on the results you would like to achieve.

Nourished skin is healthy skin, so if you are looking for a wide selection of facial treatments from anti-ageing to purifying, and hydrating to revitalising, this is where you’ll find the perfect spa menu. Discover classic facials as well as medi-spa facials such as Hydro-Microdermabrasion, Cosmeceutical Skin Treatments with Topical Nutrition Infusions, Synergie Skin Peels and LED light therapy, SkinSpirit will have your skin glowing in no time.

Enjoy the benefits of medi-spa treatments with all the extra luxuries of a spa treatment and schedule in your much-needed self-care, where the time out for rest and rejuvenation is just as important as the treatment itself.

O – Oscar Oscar

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 15 

As Royalty in the Australian hair industry, Oscar Oscar is a salon that’s synonymous with style, quality and excellence. Under the direction of celebrity hairdresser, Oscar Cullinan (two-time Australian hairdresser of the year), the salons are about more than just beautiful hair. So, it’s only fitting that they introduce their brand-new flagship store to a venue that aligns with the same class and elegance that the brand embodies – QueensPlaza in Brisbane city.

On Monday 10th June, the brand-new salon became Oscar’s 15th salon in Australia and reconfirmed their stance as industry leaders in the hairdressing industry. What’s exciting about this salon is that it will be their first ever flagship salon, with Head Stylist Danny Luu leading the team alongside Oscar Cullinan. Oscar himself is known for his charm, steely determination and visionary leadership, all of which has contributed to the incredible success of the Oscar Oscar brand today. It’s this ongoing commitment that is sure to make the flagship salon a resounding success.

So, what can you expect at the new salon? For starters, each stylist has been hand-selected to ensure they are of the highest calibre. From colouring and cutting through to styling, the stylists are encouraged to constantly hone their skills and techniques. Plus, Oscar Oscar stylists have worked with iconic fashion leaders throughout the years such as Bec+Bridge, Oroton, MBFF and more, firmly cementing their place as leaders in the hairdressing industry.

Most notably, Oscar Oscar will celebrate their 30th birthday in November of this year, back where it all began in Brisbane city. The flagship store at QueensPlaza is sure to impress as the brand climbs to new, bold (and perfectly balayaged heights). We’re talking volume, shine and not a split end in sight.

P – Plastic surgery

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 16 

Looking after yourself and feeling better about yourself with Dr Matthew Peters.

Plastic surgery is often viewed as an extreme measure to improve oneself, and this is reinforced regularly in the mainstream media resulting in many people unaware of the more refined and subtle procedures that are commonly performed. As a result, it can be a surprise to learn from one’s general practitioner that a ‘small’ skin or body concern necessitates a referral to a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

The origin of our specialty’s name derives from the Greek word, ‘Plastikos’, meaning ‘to mould’. This is in essence what we do – we mould anatomical structures to achieve a desired form and function. Although quite technical in application, the central tenant of ‘why’ we do this extends much further, eloquently stated by the pioneer of plastic surgery, Gaspare Tagliocozzi, in 1597 as, “We restore, rebuild, and make whole those parts which nature hath given, but which fortune has taken away. Not so much that it may delight the eye, but that it might buoy up the spirit, and help the mind of the afflicted”.

It is this quote that my Valley Plastic Surgery colleagues and I hold as the basis of our craft. It is considered when managing the middle-aged man with a skin cancer on his nose, the woman in her thirties wishing to restore her breast shape after children, the patient with loose abdominal and extremity skin after massive weight loss, the child with prominent ears that is being teased at school, the female with large breasts considering a breast reduction due to neck pain and difficulty finding clothes that fit, and when working with someone who has suffered tissue loss through trauma or cancer. All are examples of situations that are often not desired or wished for by the patient themselves, and all carry physical and mental wellbeing concerns for the individual involved.
When considering plastic surgery, it by no means has to be extreme. ‘Looking after yourself’, and ‘feeling good about yourself’, are daily catchphrases with a solid basis in physical and mental health. Plastic surgery, when utilised appropriately, can make a positive impact on both.

Q – Quality spray tans

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 17 

Found in Paddington, the Naked Body Beauty Bar (NBBB) is a Brisbane hot spot when it comes to getting the perfect, even and natural looking spray tan for $29.

Stocking three different tanning brands, Solaire, Naked Tan and Techno Tan, and eleven different solutions in a combination of violet, green and blue bases, there’s a shade to suit skins of all colours and tones. Whether you’re light to medium or dark to extra dark, Naked Body Beauty Bar have tanning options ranging from 8-18%, and for the eco-friendly tanner, choose Naked Tan for an organic solution.
There’s nothing more frustrating than combating a wet tan when you’re strapped for time, so stand back and relax as NBBB offer three large specially built tanning booths, all with built in fans for you to completely dry after your tan.

You’ll also find a range of other affordable beauty services ranging from facial and body waxing, tinting, pampering pedicures and YUMI lash lifts. Open five days a week with Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 9pm, there is convenient undercover parking out the back, making it the perfect escape on those rainy Brisbane days!

R – Re-Align your body

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 18 

No matter your fitness level, age or Pilates experience, if you’re looking to find balance and re-align your body, Duo Pilates is the right place for you! Each class is an opportunity to disconnect from life’s little distractions and reconnect your mind, body and soul.

Duo’s specialty is Mat Pilates. Rather than reformer machines, they use small equipment such as balls, bands, circles, weights and sliders. It may be that you are experiencing a bad back or poor posture, or perhaps a combination of tight and weak muscles – this is where Duo Pilates has your back helping you with your overall health. And it’s no wonder people are loving this form of training, with former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic herself choosing to train here when she’s visiting Brisbane.
Taking aim to personalize each person’s experience, you won’t find yourself doing the same exercise as the person next to you when at Duo, each class is aimed at an individual practice where you can get the most out of your workout. Classes include an offering of Mat Pilates, stretch, foam rolling and high intensity circuits and with an introductory offer of one month of unlimited Pilates classes for $79, it’s time to get your balance on.

Duo Pilates has moved into an exciting new space at Camp Hill next to the Martha Street precinct, promising to be your next happy place!

S – Stephanies Luxury Spa

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 19 

If, like many of us, the year has flown right past you (hi, July!) and you’ve not had a mere moment to stop and truly treat yourself, there is no better time than the present to practice a little self-care.

When it comes to looking for the right team of people to help you on your wellness journey, Stephanies Luxury Spas, with decades of expertise and excellence within the industry, is certainly the place to indulge and look after yourself. Celebrating 25 years in the luxury spa space this year (we believe a happy birthday is in order) Stephanies’ commitment to their guests and exceptional spa therapy has earnt them a reputation of unparalleled distinction within their field.

With five locations delivering unsurpassed pure indulgence across South East Queensland from Bulimba to Noosa, there’s a spa space designed to suit every wellness type. The team at Stephanies are passionate about spa life, respectful of ancient rituals such as reflexology and Ayurveda elements and they’re not shy to step away from the ordinary. An experience at Stephanies is both decadent and bespoke and specific to each location with the same unforgettable luxury across all spas.

Taking a little time out from your busy schedule to relax, unwind and be pampered with indulgent world-class treatments has never sounded so good. The benefits to visiting one of Stephanies’ locations are endless, with treatments encouraging relaxation, reduced stress and the ability to create an all-inclusive atmosphere of pure bliss.

T – Travel and Duty Free Shopping

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 20

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay cologne 100ml $161, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair synchronized recovery complex II duo $356, Elizabeth Arden Eight-hour moisturising hand treatment $10, Guerlain Abeille Royale duo lifting oil 50ml set $327, Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous eau de parfum $375, Benefit They’re Real mascara duo 17g $65, Alexander McQueen McQueen eau de parfum $228, La Mer The Mist 100ml $79, Benefit Roller Lash mascara mini 4g $19, Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali Irina eau de parfum 100ml

Get your holiday glow before you even land, with a visit to Lotte Duty Free.

A comfortable flight overseas wouldn’t be complete without these carry-on essentials so be sure to add them to your checklist! Noise-cancelling headphones, a warm cardigan and some uber-hydrating products from Brisbane Airport’s Lotte Duty-Free for supple, glowing skin.

U – Unwind

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 21 

For the serious bean hunters, there’s nothing better than sitting down with your favourite cup o’ joe in one hand and a good book in the other. There’s just something about that first drop of strong, euphoric and delicious brew hitting your lips. But when it comes to making great coffee with a focus on quality and flavour in the cup there certainly is an art to mastering this craft.

Leaders of the pack, Peter and Penny Wolff have been at the forefront of the specialty coffee scene, with over fifty years of combined industry knowledge and experience. They are well regarded in the coffee industry as pioneers when it comes to coffee education, innovation and expertise.
From world class single origins to award winning blends, Wolff Coffee Roasters, roast some of the best coffees from around the world. “The ultimate goal of Wolff Coffee Roasters is to make specialty grade coffee accessible to the everyday coffee drinkers,” says Peter.

The craft of making great coffee takes skill, application and experience and Wolff Coffee Roasters understands this, by offering educational courses at their Wolff College of Coffee. They offer Barista and Roasting Pathway Packages which build the perfect foundation to get your professional career in coffee started. Book your course today and give it your best double shot! Or why not unwind, sip your favourite brew and watch the Wolff Vlogg Youtube channel.

V – Voluminous Hair

0619 AtoZ - Calling All Wellness Seekers: Our A-Z Body & Soul Guide Is Here By Fiona Williams 22 

One step into Hair By The Collective and you’ll be blown away by their incredibly talented and passionate hairstylists dedicated to revealing your unique inward beauty and flare.

It’s no surprise that this salon has hit “Brisbane’s Best Hairdressers” lists time and time again, what with their unmatched exceptional approach to service and trend-savvy style, they are a must-visit salon when it comes to creating brilliant blondes and bold brunettes. But, there’s no better feeling than full, fabulous and voluminous hair, and that’s why Hair By The Collective work with Davines – a sustainable product line created to give your hair vivacity. These eco-friendly products include Your Hair Assistant and Liquid Spell, both of which are essential for adding some magic to your lacklustre locks with that full-of-life feeling and fresh flawless look.

A fabulous hairstyle requires attention to details. Their bright and ambient salon embodies a unique space for clients to receive the absolute best when it comes to your hair treatment, with plenty of fun and culture to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

So, if it’s time for some mane attention, choose the salon that combines superb skill with a relatable, down to earth vibe.

W – Weekend Away

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Pack the bags and bring your togs, there’s a heavenly destination waiting for you to arrive just 50 minutes from Brisbane City.

Offering a unique resort lifestyle, with two golf courses, marina, boutique shops and restaurants plus a five-star tranquil InterContinental resort, Sanctuary Cove is the perfect place to book your next weekend away.

In just one weekend you’ll discover an offering of world class facilities that will surprise and delight. From the Sanctuary Cove Country Club for your morning yoga, start your day with a peaceful class to unwind and re-group. From there, visit Champions Hair Beauty Day Spa and take a moment to relax, recharge and rejuvenate with hair colouring, massages, facials, waxing and more. Relax by the Lagoon Pool if you’re staying at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort or if you’d rather some retail therapy, the Marine Village offers 80 specialty stores including designer and local fashion boutiques such as Soho Girl and Harry’s Jeans. There’s no shortage of things to browse and buy with plenty of homewares, artwork and gifts at Hamptons Style and Cabana plus bespoke custom jewellery and more.

By the blissful waterfront, Sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village offers a welcoming vacation vibe when it comes to dining locations. Grab a casual alfresco coffee, eat lunch by the water or indulge at one of the appetising selection of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re in the mood for a succulent steak or mouth-watering fresh seafood, the precinct takes great care catering for its residents and visitors offering a range of delicious cuisines including Italian, Chinese and Modern Australian.

Experience never ending excitement at this truly unbeatable location on the northern Gold Coast with everything at your doorstep.

X – Aesthetix

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Move over contour, because 2019 has been dubbed as the year of skincare! There’s never been a better time to focus on rejuvenating your skin and getting that luminous glow that’ll have your friends asking, “What are you using? You look amazing!”. Cosmetic Dermatologist at Aesthetix, Dr Russell Hills understands that supple, smooth skin can boost your confidence to new levels but appreciates that busy lives equals the need for a quicker, day-to-day regimen. Cut down on your skin prep-time by speaking with Dr Hills and the highly specialised nursing team at Aesthetix about their range of treatments including injectables, photodynamic therapy, cosmetic facial surgery, non-ablative fractional laser, IPL hair removal and fat reduction laser. Dr Hills is also a MOHS Micrographic Surgeon and performs skin cancer treatments and excisions, always with his patients at the front of his mind. For a genuinely friendly approach to all things skin, Dr Hills and his team are there to help.

Y – Youthful Skin

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Australian Skin Institute HydraLift Eye Gel 30ml $99.95

Hydrated skin not only looks great, but it’s stronger, more resilient, and gives you a serious overall glow! The key ingredients for radiant skin takes shape in many forms, but the team at Australian Skin Institute (ASI) have made it easy, and unveiled their new product to help you in the hydration department; introducing HydraLift Eye Gel.

A potent cosmeceutical serum, this gel works hard to get that youthful glow with formulated highly active Peptides and Hyaluronic acid to deliver intense hydration. While reducing the appearance of fine lines, dehydration, dark circles, and under-eye puffiness, HydraLift Eye Gel enhances hydration and illumination of the skin. Best of all, it uses ASI’s unique nanotechnology; a transdermal delivery system that penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Z – Zone Out

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Get ready to be treated to peace, tranquility and totally relaxation within a truly unique environment free from distractions at the state-of-the-art float centre, Beyond Rest Coorparoo.

Find blissful peace in a pod, in a floatation tank containing a super-saturated Epsom salt solution, creating an environment similar to that of the Dead Sea, letting you float effortlessly on the surface of the water to enjoy a feeling of weightlessness!

There are more benefits for your body and mind when experiencing a floatation tank session than we can count on two hands, such as quicker rehabilitation and recovery, relief from arthritis, migraines and insomnia, depression and anxiety, freedom from phobias and better circulation. Outside distractions such as sight, sound, tactile sensations, and gravity fade away, so you feel like you’re floating in space, losing track of where your body ends, and the water begins.

You may not know it, but floating is enjoyed by sporting stars around the world to assist in game preparation and recovery, as well as busy executives, creatives and pregnant mums. And this is no surprise when a one-hour float can feel like a mini vacation.

Beyond Rest is giving Style readers 25% off their first 60-minute float session at Beyond Rest Coorparoo, paying just $59 to feel profound restorative relaxation. Simply use the code STYLE25 when booking online.

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Valley Plastic Surgery has an on-site dermatologist to offer expert care for a comprehensive range of medical skin conditions and rashes, skin cancer and aesthetic needs.

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