Coronavirus is an evolving international health concern – Patient Alert – 24th March 2020.

Covid-19We are here for you…. The coming weeks and months will be tough for everyone, but kindness and looking out for one another will help us all get through. At this stage, our doors remain open for our patients – both physically and metaphorically. Connectedness, community & education have always been something we value highly at Valley Plastic Surgery & now more than ever we hold a great responsibility to deliver that.

We are absolutely certain that you have seen and heard numerous health updates from the Prime Minister, the Premier and the Department of Health. We understand it can be a lot to take on board and that it’s also constantly evolving. HOWEVER… we implore you to continue to take note of the changing situation.

We want to be part of the solution in providing up-to-date and relevant information and to that end, we will continue to keep posting alerts and updates on our social networks (for fast and easy-to-understand general alerts) and we will use the ‘news’ section of our website  HERE for more detailed information. We will always put a date on information and indicate whether previous information has been superseded. Our advice will ONLY EVER come from reputable authorities.

Our team will continue to maintain direct contact with you about personal cases and information.

In the meantime, here’s how we’re adapting to cater to more stringent COVID-19 measures:

Social distancing:
We’re practicing it strictly and remind our patients to do the same! Keep 1.5 metres apart and stay for no more than 2 hours in the same room.

Contactless greetings:
Handshakes are out so bring in a different form of contactless greeting such as a thumbs up or folded hands. 🙏

Surface decontamination:
We’ve stepped up sanitisation of surfaces even further, paying particular attention to our waiting rooms, reception counters and payment terminals.

Hand decontamination:
We’ve continue with existing protocols and have hand sanitising stations for our staff and patients to use within the practice.

In-rooms appointments:

We’ve spaced appointments so that our waiting room is not crowded and we urge our patients to attend alone where possible.

For follow-up patients:
We have the technology! Consider a phone/video consult for your follow-up appointment. You’ll still get to ’see’ your favourite surgeon or nurse… just from the comfort of your living room.

Screen patients before they attend:
We are still ever-vigilant to screening patients who have recently returned from overseas or interstate. We’ll also ask if you have any symptoms or been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Contingency plan:
We’re on it! While we might not know exactly what each day will bring, please be assured that we have worked through many (many!!) different scenarios and contingency plans and we will maintain communication on the situation at hand as it unfolds.

The entire VPS team are dedicated to seeing you through these uncertain times; community and looking out for one-another has never been more important.

LOVE is infectious, spread it. Call your friends, smile at strangers, check on your neighbour and check in on yourself – we can do this.