Kellie Fraser

Registered Nurse and Dermal Therapist

Kellie Fraser joins Valley Plastic Surgery as a dermal nurse, bringing both immense knowledge and empathy to her patient consultations.

Kellie Fraser

Registered Nurse and Dermal Therapist

Kellie Fraser joins Valley Plastic Surgery as a dermal nurse, bringing both immense knowledge and empathy to her patient consultations.

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About Kellie Fraser

Kellie is a registered nurse and works alongside clients to bring confidence back into their lives. This may be via preparing and nurturing their skin pre- and post-surgical procedures, so as they can achieve optimal results, or working one-on-one with her clients to bring vitality back into their skin via non-surgical options such as pharmaceutical grade peels and Derma-pen.

“I take a holistic view when treating patients,” says Kellie. “We tend to examine everything from diet to hormones to stressors and their lifestyle in general, because at the end of the day everything correlates together when dealing with the overall health of the skin.”

Kellie’s own life experiences have shaped her unique and caring perspective which she brings to her work every day. After suffering from a severe hormonally induced pigmentation in her early teens, her self-confidence plummeted even further in the adult years as the condition worsened. After spending many years (and many dollars) going from therapist to therapist and trialling dozens of treatments, she decided to learn everything there was to know about the human body including the skin. Her passion only grew from there, and her new career in beauty therapy quickly saw her progressing to become a dermal therapist and eventually completing studies as a registered nurse.

Nursing was indeed a game-changer for Kellie as she studied cellular health and the integumentary system (the skin); this new-found and deeper understanding allowed her to deliver results for her patients that combined evidence-based research of active skincare ingredients that feed, change structure and nurture damaged tissue & cells.

Kellie will also be assisting the surgical team at Valley Plastic Surgery with wound-care and dressing services and work alongside Dr Raymond Goh in minor surgical procedures.

“I am so proud to be called a nurse and undertaking my degree was nothing short of life-changing for me,” says Kellie. “I can’t wait to grow with the Valley Plastic Surgery team.”

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